Our Dental Technology

The types of technology that a patient sees in a dental practice speaks volumes about that provider’s approach to patient care. At Wexford Dental Arts, we are committed to using the most innovative technology available to optimize the patient’s treatment experience and outcomes.

Technology is woven into every element of our practice from patient records to equipment sterilization to assessment and intervention. Furthermore, we work diligently to stay updated on the latest technological developments that can benefit our patients.

You can rest assured that the technology used at Wexford Dental Arts is state-of-the-art. If you have any questions about the technology used in our practice and how it can benefit your care, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

The Value of Technology In A Dental Practice

Technological advances in dental medicine have been instrumental in improving the patient’s overall experience. The tools we use in every aspect of our care help to maximize patient comfort and produce the best possible treatment results. We continuously monitor developments in the field to make sure that we are delivering the most effective and appropriate care possible.

Ultimately, we maximize the use of technology that helps us deliver the most effective and efficient care possible. Without the technology that we use, it would be far more challenging for us to achieve that goal.

Imaging Technology Used in Our Practice

Some of the technology used at Wexford Dental Arts is valuable in identifying and diagnosing oral diseases, as well as planning for treatment.

We exclusively use digital x-rays to provide imaging to detect cavities, assess the integrity of tooth roots and nerve tissue, and identify lesions in the bone. Digital X-rays have several benefits in contrast to standard radiographs.

This imaging technique exposes patients to considerably lower levels of radiation when compared to traditional x-rays. The images themselves are more convenient as well. They can be manipulated to illustrate different viewpoints and transferred electronically to a specialist when necessary.

We also can use an intraoral camera to evaluate your case or gather information needed for treatment planning. This device captures photos of areas of the oral cavity that might be difficult for the dentist to see. Those images then can be projected onto a large screen for vastly improved visibility.

Intraoral scanners are used to capture a direct optical impression. The scanner projects a light source onto the area to be scanned. The images are captured by imaging sensors and are processed by scanning software, which then produces a 3D surface model.

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Incorporating Technology Into Your Treatment

Technology also plays a key role in the treatment that follows diagnosis. Different tools are used for different situations.

For example, we may use electronic instruments to clean your teeth in a shorter period of time or rely on high-powered microscope loupes to shine a beam of light on a restoration so that we can make it as beautiful as possible.

We also used the most advanced technology available to sterilize equipment used for treatment between patients to keep our patients as safe as possible.

Screening Technology Can Save Your Life

At your routine dental check-up, your dentist will visually inspect the soft oral tissues for signs of oral cancer. Wexford Dental Arts uses multiple types of technology to assist in this effort, including:


Fluorescent light helps the dentist to identify abnormalities that may be malignant.

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According to cancer.net, oral cancer patients have a five-year survival rate of 84% when the malignancy is identified in a localized area before it has spread to surrounding tissues.

By the time it advances to affect distant structures in the body, that rate plummets to 39%. Indeed, this technology can truly be life-saving.

Our Commitment to Staying Informed About Technological Advances

A dental practice’s incorporation of the latest technological tools is evidence that the dentists prioritize staying current on best practices in the profession. We want to avoid using outdated methods and tools, so we turn to various resources so that we can stay informed about advances.

Continuing education is important for any dentist, and this is an important strategy used by the providers at Wexford Dental Arts to learn about the most advanced techniques and tools being implemented in the field.

Additionally, we work closely with our dental equipment supplier partners to learn about the newest versions of their products and how they improve patient care. Our suppliers are the experts on their products, and their education is invaluable to our use of technology.

We leverage all of the resources available to us to make sure that we are using the most effective technology available to deliver outstanding dental care.